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Phil Kelley Jr.

Corporate and Professional Success

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We are at a unique point in communication history, a time when we are seeing exponential growth in the ways we can communicate…yet most companies are experiencing a loss of connection

Be Present in every communication.  

Be Present every time you make a connection.  

Be Present to create relationships, revenue and profit!

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Six Degrees of Connection

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“Phil Kelley Jr. nails the critical gaps between connectivity and authenticity in relationships – and it’s all about presence."

Tracy Brooks, Executive Vice President, Salem One Inc.

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About Phil Kelley Jr.

Phil Kelley Jr. is the president and CEO of Salem One, one of the fastest-growing corporate communications companies in the country. Phil holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech as well as an MBA from Clemson University. He has served on the boards of directors of multiple nonprofit and for-profit organizations and is the current captain of the USA F-TR Long Range rifle team. He has been an active voice in the print industry, refocusing industry success definitions within the rapidly developing world of corporate communications. His experiences began at a young age on the production floor until he transitioned to “carrying his own briefcase” as a sales rep. He has now served within executive leadership for over a decade. Capitalism, world-class team development, competition, and an appreciation for opportunities available in the greatest country on earth drive his passions.

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5670 Shattalon Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27105


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